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GCM Safety Nets in Hyderabad own several stockist for the mosquito nets and have several variants with quality material and design. A mosquito net is a special type of curtain that is meshed up and has a draping procedure that is based on the circumference of the bed and the bed room. This will offer the protection while sleeping from dangerous mosquitoes, from the stings and bites.

Thus the home will be protected safe from various diseases like dengue fever, malaria, viral fever, encephalitis, zika virus and various forms of other mosquito spread diseases.

Mosquito nets are used for protection against the harmful disease spread by the vector that transmits malaria named as Anopheles gambiae. Nowadays malaria has become a severe issue to worry upon. It is not only making people disease prone, but also killing them on a daily basis. Every year lakhs of lives are lost due to malaria. Even though there are medications available for curing this disease but it is very painful and dreadful.

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